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"Do not go where the path may lead go instead where ther is no path and leave a trail." - Emerson

Yes2Yes Leadership and Executive Coaching

Today’s corporate environment is more competitive and demanding than ever. Executives must continually master new skills, wear many hats and think outside the box in order to lead their companies to new levels of success.

As a leader, how do you constantly stay on top of your game? How do you transform your thinking and behavior in ways that will help you achieve your professional and personal aspirations? Experience proves that top-level, long-lasting results happen faster and better when executives have access to fresh perspectives, consistent guidance and positive feedback.

That’s what Yes2Yes Leadership & Executive Coaching does for you.

Yes2Yes gives you the one-on-one attention, support and encouragement you need to achieve your goals. Using focused interaction and honest, insightful input, we partner with executives at every career level to maximize their leadership potential. Yes2Yes can help you…

  • Discover and align your true strengths, values and vision
  • Clarify your goals and clear the roadblocks to achieving them
  • Increase your confidence and improve your executive presence
  • Make the most of your talents and abilities
  • Advance to new levels of leadership and success
  • Build, mentor and leverage more effective teams
  • Map a strong future direction for your organization
  • Expand your networking skills and systems
  • Inspire more positive, productive peer relationships
  • Strengthen your communication techniques
  • Improve your time management methods
  • Develop practical systems for setting priorities
  • Create a strategy for more powerful and sustainable results

Who can benefit from Yes2Yes Leadership & Executive Coaching?

  • Corporate Executives
  • Senior Management
  • High Potentials
  • On-boarding Executives
  • Small Business Executives
  • Entrepreneurial/Intrapreneurial Leaders

Services tailored to leaders and executives include:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • On-boarding new executives
  • Developing high-potentials
  • Emerging leader coaching
  • Succession planning coaching
  • Top talent coaching
  • Employee motivation coaching to develop highly collaborative team players

Tools and Assessments Available to You

  • Leading with Y.E.S.®: a powerful, proprietary system that guides you in a natural, organic process to understand why you are here and where you are going. Through Y.E.S.: Your Extraordinary Story®, you declare who you are and then you give it accountability through the Y.E.S. Plan to show exactly how you are getting there.
  • ProDevelopment™: assessment that provides insight into individuals’ model roles, ideal job functions, development keys and ability to work in teams.
  • Myers-Briggs® Step II Type Indicator: personality assessment that helps improve performance by understanding yourself better and how you interact with others.
  • LPI 360: a leadership development tool that measures your leadership behaviors from your perspective as well as those who work with you. This leadership practice inventory can also be taken as pre-work for The Leadership Challenge® Workshop.
  • Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP): assessment that shows how you fit into the nine different stages that a person uses to make sense of their world. The results from taking the MAP provide you with an overview of stage theory, your current stage of development as a leader and suggestions for how to be the most effective at your stage.

Join the Companies Who Yes2Yes Proudly Serves in Leadership and Executive Coaching:

  • Affiliated Power Purchasers International
  • Allstate Insurance
  • American Water
  • Covanta Energy
  • Farm Credit East
  • Shire Pharmaceuticals
  • Siemens
  • Sodexo
  • Take Charge Consultants

Are you ready to learn more about Yes2Yes Leadership & Executive Coaching? Call toll free at 855-YES-2YES (855-937-2937) or email today to schedule your FREE One-Hour Coaching Consultation.


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