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Authentic Leadership

Join Me to Uncover and Create Your Own Unique Leadership Presence

Welcome! At this very moment, you’re taking a positive step toward exploring your greatest potential. Feel good that you’re here.

Paving the way to true professional and personal success happens with small insights as well as big awakenings. I invite you to be alive to both, and leverage your authentic gifts of leadership in every aspect
of your life.

How? By using an exciting leadership method which I call Leading with Y.E.S.® It’s a powerful approach that brings out your unique strengths and leadership capabilities and ultimately takes you to new levels of performance … and keeps you moving toward your vision. What makes Leading with Y.E.S.® work so well for everyone who uses it is being able to create and live Y.E.S.: Your Extraordinary Story®.

I believe how you think about your story, what you say about who you are and what is going on in your past, present and future life, has a significant and meaningful influence on the results you generate. And it’s also an important source of peace that you feel within.

I have worked with hundreds of leaders in all sectors, all industries and at all levels. My greatest satisfaction has come from helping them intentionally create an extraordinary story that is based on who they really are and what they want to accomplish long term with a strong work and life balance. The most successful leaders I know take the facts of their lives and tie them together with their values and purpose to give their life greater meaning. And in the process, they discover who they truly are as a leader and how they can impact others positively.

What do I bring to your coaching experience? I look at things through a different lens. My approach is innovative and big-picture focused. I’m all about helping you see and act on your positives, your gifts and your possibilities and providing you the support and guidance for this
to happen.

Why not take another positive step right now? Have a look at Yes2Yes executive coaching programs and services. See how these highly-effective programs can lead to positive action for you, your team or your organization … and positive results that last.

Yes! to your success,

Maria van Hekken
President and CEO (Chief Emissary of Optimism)

P.S. If you’d like to know more about choosing a coach, take a look at my free Choosing the Right Coach for You information worksheet (PDF).

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