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Across the public sector, the demand for coaching continues to grow at an exponential rate. The value of coaching is gaining wider acceptance among the 1,300 organizations across the three branches of the Federal government. Coaching is proving to be worthwhile especially in being able to address the government’s core leadership competency requirements through focused activities that produce measurable outcomes. Coaching is making its greatest impact across government agencies in the development of leaders who can adapt quickly to address the growing complexity of issues that are being faced in a rapidly changing world.

In her work with independent government agencies, Maria van Hekken has seen firsthand how coaching helps leaders and emerging leaders become more agile and adaptive to change. She has made an impact with executives and supervisors in building high performance teams, increasing levels of engagement and improving collaboration. In addition, Maria has been in the role as a trusted coach and advisor to leaders who struggle with multifaceted change and must build relationships more effectively across an organization.

Yes2Yes has a strong track record for serving Federal government clients including Army Corps of Engineers, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Internal Revenue Service, Office of Personnel Management and the United States Navy.

Yes2Yes provides customized coaching programs that target the specific needs of professionals to improve their leadership and organizational effectiveness. Those who are coached by Yes2Yes find that they have a greater sense of self-efficacy. They experience enhanced job satisfaction, increased productivity and greater confidence in exercising leadership.

Wherever you work in the public sector, be it the federal, state or local level, Yes2Yes can help you take positive actions that lead to positive results for you and your organization. To get you there, we’ll guide and support you in clarifying your values, goals, intentions and challenges, and assist you in determining a simple, effective strategy for achieving what you want most in your professional life.

With our focused, one-on-one coaching, you’ll get honest insights, consistent feedback and the on-going encouragement you need to achieve success on an individual, organizational and multi-agency level.

Here’s what you can expect to achieve from your Yes2Yes coaching experience:

  • Develop the ability to lead with a vision in a fast paced environment
  • Learn effective ways to shape enduring relationships
  • Build, mentor and leverage more effective teams
  • Realize and utilize your core values and strengths
  • Identify your goals and overcome the barriers to achieving them
  • Increase your confidence and improve your executive presence
  • Sharpen your abilities in intergenerational management
  • Gain a proficiency in mentoring
  • Enhance your aptitude for problem-solving and decision-making
  • Expand your networking skills and systems
  • Strengthen your communication and time management methods
  • Develop practical systems for setting priorities
  • Map out effective action plans that accelerate results
  • Move toward a balance in work/life issues
  • Grow in ways you never dreamed possible

Who can benefit from Yes2Yes Public Sector Coaching?

  • Executives
  • Leaders
  • Directors
  • Front Line Supervisors
  • Minority Executives
  • Individual Contributors
  • Administrators
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Senior Management
  • Emerging Leaders

Are you ready to learn more about Yes2Yes Public Sector Coaching? Call toll free at 855-YES-2YES (855-937-2937) or email today to schedule your FREE One-Hour Coaching Consultation.


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