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“To act in the world with wisdom as an individual or executive leader requires a new kind of learning, one that allows you to move powerfully and effectively in ALL areas of your life. You are a linguistic, social, emotional and physical being... and much more. To lead brilliantly, with both wisdom and increased effectiveness, you need to develop your capacity in all of these areas.”
– Julio Olalla

As baby boomers near retirement, so follows a major segment of the executive-age population. And the talent pool to replace them is shrinking fast. More and more organizations are looking inward for their next wave of leaders – those who can, in Olalla’s words, “lead brilliantly, with both wisdom and increased effectiveness.”

To facilitate the process, companies are tapping into the benefits of executive coaching to provide “a new kind of learning” that will develop strong, sustainable leadership amid their own talent ranks.

Consider the coaching statistics from independent studies and it’s no wonder. Executive coaching increases productivity by more than 50%, is four times more effective than traditional training programs and has a return on investment of more than 500%. Plus, over 70% of executives who utilize coaching report improved interaction with co-workers
and teams.

Here’s the real bottom line: confident, motivated people enjoying productive, fulfilling lives achieve fantastic levels of success. And Yes2Yes will help get you there. Our Leadership-for-Success coaching programs and services are designed for individual executives, as well as leadership teams, across the corporate, university, nonprofit and public sectors. We offer innovative, results-driven coaching options to suit your specific needs.

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