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When working one-on-one with Maria van Hekken, you will experience transformational leadership coaching, receive the ongoing and unbiased support you deserve and achieve more than you’ve ever imagined. Using her proprietary method called Leading with Y.E.S.: Your Extraordinary Story, Maria guides you through an authentic and inner-directed process to understand where you are and where you are going.

Uncovering the Leader within You

Maria lays a foundation to help you establish who you are and who you want to be. Then she incorporates a plan that puts you at the center and helps you achieve everything you’ve set out to accomplish. This unique and positive approach to executive coaching helps you envision success while delivering both practical results and newfound awareness for creating the outcomes that are most important to you.

Why Trust Maria?

Maria van Hekken knows what it takes to be a great leader from many different perspectives. She brings over a decade’s worth of experience as a leadership coach and has also spent over 25 years working in senior leadership roles with diverse organizations in the private, public and university sectors. Her work focuses primarily on supporting leaders in the technical arenas of energy, engineering, science, technology, pharmaceutical, medical, business and financial, while developing leaders and executives of all styles.

Take a More Personal Approach to Leadership

Many leaders know exactly what they should do. They’ve attended workshops; they are well read; and they have the motivation to be better leaders. Maria’s executive coaching helps individual leaders go beyond gaining more knowledge. She focuses on helping them to develop and grow vertically, to realize their full potential, to create better relationships and to sustain positive results.

Looking for a Team of Leadership Coaches?

If your company is facing uphill challenges or encountering high growth opportunities and seeks the support of a full coaching team, we can help. Yes2Yes is set up to provide you with a group of reliable and diverse professional coaches, facilitators and trainers. We supply you with coaches of the highest professional and ethical caliber in leadership experience, training and integrity. Our expansive network gives you access to exceptional professional resources throughout the country. All of our coaches are credentialed by the International Coach Federation and abide by its professional ethics and standards.


Insight from Maria

“My coaching approach is to help people see their vision clearly and separate it from the challenge. I guide them out of their deeply engrained habits of looking at what is wrong and help them see the possibilities they have to achieve the results they want.”

An Essential for Your Story:
Determining Your Values


Determining what values you hold most highly will help you better understand Your Extraordinary Story and will influence the essential choices you must make in becoming an exceptional leader. Maria has developed a useful tool, Your Essential Strategy—Values that you can download now.

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Determining Your Values

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