Have you ever lost yourself in a project to the point of barely taking time to catch your breath or even forgetting to eat?   Being consumed by this kind of task is like being in the zone. You feel highly engaged, creative, productive, and satisfied.


You believe in telling like it is. In fact, you think being to the point is the best approach. You don’t mince your words. After all, they’re really only words. It’s not your fault then if someone feels hurt. Or fearful. Or actually do just about anything to avoid you (or your sarcasm or wrath).


Each of us wishes to be seen.   We want our talents and ideals to be recognized and appreciated.   Yet so many times, we find people bristling at the ideas of others, fearing the tightness of frictions, and shutting down opposing points of view.   What if we had the courage to celebrate those differences as they occur?

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