Good Grief…Is There Any Other Kind?

Have you noticed that I haven’t written one of my regular Yes2Yes messages lately that I always time to inspire you with some interesting life experience? I’ve missed our communication but I’ve [...]

Cheering a Team to Defeat!!!???

Spring is the perfect time of year! For me, the season starts to come to life beginning with NCAA March Madness, and then fully blossoms with the NBA playoffs in April and May.

Failure Is Awesome.

Say what? Yes.  Failure is a humbling and brilliant teacher. I admit the idea of singing the praises of failure kind of messes with peoples’ minds because it is just so different than what we are [...]

Wrap Up Your Presence

December is a favorite time of year for me. I’m enjoying completing my gift giving and getting ready to celebrate this wonderful holiday time.

Surrender to Summer

Summertime…and the living is easy! This year my beach vacation was utterly relaxing. Having just returned home, I sit here lingering in the serenity of this wondrous feeling of chilling so completely.