Discover Your Extraordinary Story

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I want to wish you a most happy new year — and to encourage you to embark on 2012 with a fresh, promising start. This is the perfect time to envision exactly what you want to see unfold.

The first two months of the year create the space for me to think about what I want to form in my life and how I can best give my greatest gifts in the coming year. As I set my intentions, I am able to focus on laying the foundation to achieve my goals.

My approach is a simple, effective tool that I personally use each year that helps me create my path while helping me align my actions to be in integrity with my values, purpose and vision.

I have used this essential planning tool successfully for the past seven years and now wonder how I managed without it. As I work with it each January, I am able to tap into my full potential and shape the new year in a more powerful, satisfying and positive way.

Many people have asked me to share my special tool. For the first time last year, I introduced my process to a diverse group of leaders. I was thrilled to see how it changed their lives in many positive ways. Due to its success, I’ve decided to make it available again this year.

That’s why I am inviting you to join me for 21 Days to Leading with Y.E.S.: Your Extraordinary Story℠.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in 21 days:

  • How your values and purpose are key to designing your 2012 strategy. You’ll see how your goals are firmly rooted in who you are and why you are here.
  • How your benchmarks and rewards can keep you motivated throughout the year. You’ll find new ways to think big and aim for achievable goals that keep you inspired.
  • Why envisioning how you’ll feel when you achieve your goals matters so much.

You will accomplish a great deal in a short time. Every participant will:

  • Explore the story you are living now and how it may be unconsciously holding you back.
  • Create a new story for the New Year (Your Extraordinary Story) to motivate you to develop your essential strategy for the year.
  • Design an integrated YES plan for 2012 with your unique targets and deliverables – that inspire you to achieve more than ever before.

21 Days to Yes Is for Busy Professionals Like You.

You’ll see fast results with three 30-minute coaching calls, one per week over the three week period from February 6th to 27th. I’ll supply the tools and personally guide you through them to get you moving in 2012 so you can set and achieve amazing goals. Use them to learn how to make a bigger contribution in your world, find new meaning, reconnect to your deepest passion or anything that you dare to dream.


To Your Success,