You have your visions for 2019. You know what you want in your life and work.   Should you push or pull?   Well, if you elbow me, yeah, I’ll certainly protect myself as best I can.


It’s soon time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. As you tap into the true spirit of this special day, pause to really look at love with fresh eyes.   Love is a bridge between…


Revealing your true nature is powerful beyond measure.   Start now to see what happens when you do.   Pull back that veil, the one you think keeps you hidden (and oh, so safe).


You remember you way back when…   You felt unsure, taking each step so timidly, sometimes unsteady, thinking you didn’t know. 


You are a veritable force for goodness.   Yet, how is it possible that your greatest gift is your giving of yourself?   Almost as if generosity were an infinite and lush loop of caring for [...]