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Will you ever have all the time, money, connections, clicks, and rewards you think you need?

Actually there’s way more than enough. There’s plenty.

Many have so much.

Many give so much (especially you).

Yet, your biggest gift is how you choose to see the world.

Will you view it with helplessness or helpfulness?

Will you look through the lens of scarcity or almost imagine that prosperity is possible (even when your primordial juices fear there isn’t)?

Look with fresh eyes now. Can you see your cupboards are metaphorically full, too?

Today and every day, do this:

  • Witness your circumstances
  • Appreciate the abundance that surrounds you
  • Decide your own happiness

Go ahead, recognize the full abundance in your life and funny thing, there it will be.

You really do get to reap the riches of your own abundance each and every day.