In Team Performance

Sometimes you just can’t help it. You dig yourself in deep when you don’t like the way something is going.

You feel safer in that spot, almost protected from all the contrary ideas.

Maybe you’re tired.

Maybe (you think) you don’t have time to deal with it.

Or you got triggered somehow and didn’t even notice.

It’s an easy approach, for sure (just do the damn thing I asked, won’t you?).

But constructing that metaphorical trench doesn’t work long term (not even sure it works so well short term).

How do you find a new and positive way forward?

First, become aware of the real questions before you worry about the answers.

Then start to understand the people around you. Discover the interests you actually share (getting it done, saving money, doing it right).

There is no better way to find that out than building stronger relationships.

Be open and flexible.

What if your team built a bridge together and walked across it side by side?

What if you floated an offer, then let it go?

That’s so much more awesome (and effective) than digging in and resisting.

Meet on common ground, and meet yourself in the process.