In Team Performance

Each of us wishes to be seen.

We want our talents and ideals to be recognized and appreciated.

Yet so many times, we find people bristling at the ideas of others, fearing the tightness of frictions, and shutting down opposing points of view.

What if we had the courage to celebrate those differences as they occur?

Revel in the tensions we witness.

Move toward (instead of away) from the conflict that abounds.

Imagine what a change this could make.

It paves the way to be grateful for subtle distinctions between all points of view.

It makes it possible to be pleased when we discover unique differences and explore them with grace.

It gives us permission to freely tap into diversity of thought, diversity of expertise, and diversity of people.

We must trust deeply in the forums we convene and then lead the way to show the good that differences can bring.

When we truly appreciate all the variety that surrounds us, we take an important (if sometimes uncomfortable) step forward to more fairness and forgiveness. And yes, even healing.