April Is Your Front Row Seat to New Growth

 In Team Performance

I learned early in my life how much spring demonstrates the constancy of life and encourages us to persist in whatever we do.

I was four years old when my mother presented me with my very own packet of Cut & Come Again zinnias. That name sounded so magical to me.

Alongside my mother’s garden, I was given a small area to cultivate in our urban backyard. Sitting cross legged on the cool grass, I learned how to use a trowel to make neat little rows and plant the seeds. Every morning I woke up early and looked closely just waiting for my flowers to emerge.

One day, tiny green specks started to poke through that earth. Leaves started to reveal themselves. Little by little they grew into small plants. Over the long summer they grew tall, flower buds formed and in time, beautiful, colorful flowers appeared. I cut the prettiest ones, placing them ever so carefully in a delicate glass vase inside our house. And, I thought my gardening was done.

Yet, somehow, the more I cut, the more flowers there were. And the more I learned and grew.

Isn’t that so true in life, too?

Spring reminds us, as the Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön says, to start where we are. When you have the courage to plant your own gems and water and feed them with such care and anticipation, new promises will emerge from beneath the warming soil.

You discover the ability to find joy in the preparation for what is to come, and to work on the ideas that come forth. And sometimes you even go back to basics and find the passion in the process of starting over.

As you watch the miracles unfurl, you start experiencing how good it feels to work happily and diligently to make the most of who you are. You become the brightest spot in the world as your energy bursts forth unreservedly.

When you extend your reach as far as you possibly can, you will keep growing and growing, and your leadership will continue to reward you with more and more rewards.

Yes, open up even more and spread shoots of new growth toward the vastness of your possibilities. Reach higher and wider than ever before.

Only then can you unravel what has laid dormant (until just now) and take time to gather and enjoy what blossoms.

Welcome spring into your life like never before.