In Team Performance

Do something for me today. Please start wondering more out loud.

Listen closely to the wisdom that curiosity can whisper. Tune carefully into its subtle beat.

Tap into the vast power of positive questioning (before the urge to move into action naturally takes over).

Marvel at the many possibilities you unearth, which leads to another and another and another.

During your next meeting, use these kinds of questions to allow more ideas to come:  What’s important to you? To them? To us? What do we have any influence over? What would serve us best long term?

By asking more open, positive questions, you’ll allow for the discovery of something completely different (than catching each other up on your activities. managing the timeline. monitoring metrics).

Like maybe even revealing what could make the biggest difference of all.

Like what’s most productive (and what really, truly isn’t).

When you begin with your purpose in mind and inquire about the imaginable, and not just doable, it impacts the outcome in significant ways.

So stop for a moment. Set your mind and heart on the outcome first.

And hold the space in the room for new opportunities as they begin to unfold.

It all begins simply by you wondering out loud.