In Team Performance

You have your visions for 2019. You know what you want in your life and work.

Should you push or pull?

Well, if you elbow me, yeah, I’ll certainly protect myself as best I can.

Extend your hand toward me instead and I’ll turn with you on the way to our common ground.

What if that was the only way that was sustainable?

We both know by now that deciding for someone only lasts so long.

Who wants to be told what to do?

Not me, for sure.

I want to determine my own way.

I am willing to fight to make that work on my own (with your support of course).

So, pull me in.

Appeal to my own desires like a generosity inviting me in— a benevolent force for appealing to my senses, values, and substance.

Give me power to excel at whatever I do best.

There, I will be of most efficiency and (highly gratified).

Like the simple pulley, let’s work together seamlessly.

The two of us pulling in the same direction toward the productive position we both seek.

It sounds simple yet it’s a powerful way to attract everything you envision.