In Finding Meaning, Happiness, Intention, Mindfulness, Presence

Yuletide carols and holiday music are in the air. Perhaps you are humming along to one of your favorite songs right now.

Have you stopped to think about making your own special music?

You must! Each of us has such a distinctive song to sing.

Notes are entwined together in an intricate harmony unique to your inimitable voice.

With lyrics only you can write, a beat only you care to dance to its rhythm.

It’s not just a pretty song (though it’s almost always glorious).

You compose your songs for a reason (or two or three or infinity maybe).

And that reason is your purpose for being.

My wish for you this holiday season is to explore the possibilities of your unique song.

Don’t even bother asking others what it might be. Only you can find it. Or discover it. Or better yet, have your song mysteriously reveal itself to you.

Look instead for clues you may have dropped along the way.

Consider long, hard trips you’ve completed, driven to become something.

And once you arrived you came to find out…you were already home.

You quickly welcomed yourself back…to your spirit, your essence, your very soul.

Quiet your expert voice for a second. Listen closely for that sweet sound of your own song of purpose and once you find it—dance effortlessly to your own reasons for being.

There it is. Your richness. Your depth. Your intention.

You’ve got it, so sway and sway away now because you can finally believe the world is much better off with the rhythm of your song.