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In this moment, as a part of your New Year start, inhale deeply and then exhale, centering yourself around this incredible force.

You are literally breathing in life.

Remarkably, we inhale millions upon millions of molecules each time we take one single breath.

Think about their composition. Diverse molecules from dinosaurs long gone and even Caesar’s last breath are in the mix.

Yet, unceremoniously, as we exhale, we let that ancient atmosphere take its next path as if our powerful shared life force doesn’t really matter all that much.

Oh, but it does!

It unites each of us to the other in inextricable ways.

It makes me wonder if we are all bodies that breathe or spirits with bodies (for now).

Wait, every breath we take connects us to all that have come before us.

And, it also ties us to all that will come after us, too.

Doesn’t that notion just take your breath away?

As you inhale deeply and then exhale once more, appreciate the power of what connects us.