In Team Performance

Your colleague: Hi, got a minute?

You: Sure, it will have to be a minute because I’m so busy.

Sound like a familiar convo in your day?

Do you innocently fall prey to the sly seduction of busy-ness?

I know, you always say it’s a good busy. You’re busy with good work, good business, a good life.

But when you are busy, you’re not available. You’re not present. Being busy makes you feel buried, even trapped with no time for what matters more to you.

Work and life can get full extremely fast. Way too many of our calendars are filled to capacity. We’re literally pre-occupied and not available for what counts most.

You know how to stop the busy?

Ban busy from your life to get things done. Start by turning your to-do list upside down.

You know, those things that linger in your mind year after year and you never ever get to? Yes, those. Put them at the top of your list.

Stop doing everything else first. It’s not serving you or the world.

It only makes sense to give attention to the most significant items first.

Don’t worry, you can start small (in fact, you must).

Begin your days with your ideas that will make the biggest difference over time.

And little by little, you’ll be insisting upon the accomplishment of what’s of highest service.

Connecting to your ultimate purpose first requires only your willingness to commit to your long game (that’s all!).

Take time to celebrate your work and your contributions. What you do matters.