Change Your Thinking

 In Team Performance

Here’s what I hear far too often.

It’s their fault.
I have no authority.
They won’t listen.
I hate traffic.
The weather sucks.
They don’t respect me.

Here’s what I encourage.

We are responsible too.
We have way more power than we know.
We don’t listen enough.
Traffic doesn’t hate us.
The weather just is.
We can respect and honor others more.

Here’s what I wonder.

What would you want others to know you stand for?
What can you say in a more thoughtful, curious way?
What could you take the time to listen for that would inspire you instead?
What if you made a practice of accepting traffic?
And what if you enjoyed some element of whatever the weather brings?
What would happen if you respected others far more than you do now?

Think a moment about the amazing possibilities.

Here’s what I know.

Yes. You can.