Look Back to Look Forward

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Even though it’s the final month of the year, December stands first on my list as my favorite month. I look forward to December because it’s a month full of celebration. And even better, it’s a beautiful time to pause and reflect.

December is the month that I faithfully schedule time for reflection—to look back at what I’ve done over the past year—and to begin to look forward to the new year ahead.

I want to invite you to join me in my powerful December ritual that can bring you even more meaningful results.

Think about your year like a long journey. Use this metaphor to both dare to look in the rear-view mirror and use all the courage you can summon to see what that reflection reveals to you.

Start with My Reflect and Reveal Contemplation

Set aside some uninterrupted time to answer three simple questions about your experiences during 2018:

1.  What are the  moments you feel most proud of?

2.  What is the biggest challenge you faced?

3.  What’s the one thing you cared deeply about but just couldn’t manage to
pull off?

(As you think about these questions, just be still in the moment. Take your time… in fact go for what you need, be it 15 minutes or 15 days.)

Make note of anything that stands out to you. Jot down significant thoughts and any special insights you bring to light.

Consider everything a few more times and curiously wonder what else might lie here for you to discover.

Once you are satisfied, ask yourself one final question…

What is the one irresistible revelation from your reflection you simply cannot avoid?

When you can answer that one, you’ll have uncovered your essential 2018 leadership lesson from the inside out.

Revel in your learning; celebrate everything you’ve accomplished; and declare what you still want to fulfill, maybe now more than ever before.

That’s your spirit calling. Answer the call. And then get ready to start your new journey for 2019 equipped with a clearer roadmap to your success.