In Finding Meaning, Happiness, Intention, Mindfulness, Presence

Dream now for what lies ahead in 2019.

Dream big for what you long for in the coming year.

Dream bold for what matters most as your start anew.

Take your own metaphorical magic wand.

Spin it around three times and make the wish you want to make.

Do whatever it takes to imagine your dream absolutely and vividly comes true.

Picture the final score celebrating your long-deserved win.

How awesome does that feel!

Well, guess what?

Your mind cares nothing of the difference between real or imagined.

It feels, smells and tastes exactly the same no matter what.

Go ahead and build your courageous castle in the sky.

Catch a glimpse of what could be.

Now bring it back home to give it form and shape.

You have always known exactly where to begin.

This is your time to make it happen.

Dream now. Dream big. Dream bold.