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I’ve had a lifelong love affair with words.

One word stands above all others as my absolute favorite.

Equanimity is special. It combines equal + mind.

The equal mind is an even mind. One that’s levelheaded and steady, regardless of what surrounds it.

The sweet sound of equanimity soothes my soul for some reason. It almost whispers a sort of peacefulness.

Maybe it’s equanimity’s invitation to stay calm and serene when things get serious.

Maybe it’s my longing for more leaders with the ability to keep us afloat in the inevitable rushes when panic sets in. Or my sadness about leaders who believe that derision and ridicule are anywhere close to being useful.

Either way, equanimity is your call to be a calming presence and your ability to inspire especially when the unthinkable happens. Though you’re just as scared as everyone else in the room, you maintain a stillness.

Be aware of who you are. Be aware of what you’re feeling. Manage well what you express. And focus on the other, not you.

I’m betting that ought to keep you pretty balanced.

Enjoy this blessed respite from stress and then demonstrate it as a stand for peace for all to witness.