In Finding Meaning, Goal Setting, Intention, Mindfulness

Hello fear.

I admit it. I can never quite pin you down but I feel your presence a lot.

That’s why I keep searching and searching for the one thought I could think that would finally quiet you for good and deliver some peace to this swirling mind. But no, there you are again, whispering all kind of warnings to me—telling me I’m not good enough; I don’t deserve nice things; and I could never do that.

Oh, it works, alright. You scare me so much that some days I can barely even get moving. Then, wait, I remember (again!)—you’re just trying to warn me.

You want to protect me from risks and keep me safe and sound. In that one moment a new thought finally appears.

Act with a sense of fearlessness.

That’s it.

Find the necessary courage in the face of fear—the one thoughtful act that can quiet my mind.