In Team Performance

Have you ever lost yourself in a project to the point of barely taking time to catch your breath or even forgetting to eat?

Being consumed by this kind of task is like being in the zone. You feel highly engaged, creative, productive, and satisfied. When you’re able to use your strengths working on your passions, you’re very likely in a state of consciousness called flow

In flow, your attention is laser focused. It’s when you’re absorbed, steady, and fulfilled.

Action and awareness merge. Time flies. You forget about yourself. And, all aspects of your performance go sky-high.

Still the work is hard but it doesn’t feel like work.

It turns out you shine most brightly and are at your very best when you’re productive and challenged. Flow is truly a transformational experience.

In my experience, it’s one of the keys to finding happiness in your work.

It will happen when you enjoy making your unique contribution at the crossroads of what you love to do and what you’re best at doing.

Use flow to be in the moment, focus on a single task, and find a sense of calm and positivity in your work.

Live your life in flow more often. Enjoy reaping the rewards.