Follow These 10 for 2015

 In Team Performance

Maria’s Top 10 Inspirations for 2015

1. Dare to go where you have always known you want to be.
2. Imagine the extraordinary story you can create by taking the leap that will get you there.

3. Reflect on your impact in the world and decide who you need to be to accomplish the contributions you are here to make.
4. Detach from what you want and observe the surprising, often delightful results.
5. Letting go is the purest of freedoms that will give you peace.
6. What matters most is often hushed in the churning of your thoughts.
7. Embrace the joy in both sadness and triumph.
8. Be more committed in your conversations and truly listen.
9. Liberate yourself by shifting your focus from your success to the success of others.
10. Live the next 365 days with the ease, grace and divinity that is within you.
Wishing You a Positive, Focused and Peaceful 2015.