In Team Performance

There’s something powerful about the word forgive.

Yet to truly forgive is incredibly rare. Think of the exceptional capacity for reconciliation by Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, and Mother Teresa.

We sure could use more tolerant leaders like them.

Forgiving makes you a better leader. Wonder why is it so uncommon then?

Literally, for-give means to be able to give again. Even when we have been offended or harmed.

Maybe we’re reluctant because we are afraid to thoroughly let that thing go.

We’ve been wronged, after all.

But what might be better if we were all a little more forgiving?

Start with some giving up on your part.

Then create an opening for a better relationship.

The best link to making that possible is to focus on connection.

When you really connect, you bring more hope and empathy.

What if you secretly allow for the idea of your silent forgiveness?

That would require you to find that place inside where you can be more generous, more selfless – even nobler.

No one else needs to know. They’ll feel the difference anyway.

Go ahead—wipe that slate clean.