Frame of Mind

 In Finding Meaning, Happiness, Intention, Mindfulness, Presence

You will see it when you believe it.

Because how you set your mind is pretty much everything. And set it, you sure do (who else could?).

If your mind is open it can be your super power.

If your mind is closed it can completely shut you down. Maybe even shut you off.

Thankfully, there are an infinite number of possibilities in the space between open and closed.

Imagine your biggest challenge (yeah, I know, you were thinking about it anyway).

Imagine believing the total opposite could be true (it could be).

Okay, if not the opposite, try imagining at least something else could be true.

Like that person you cannot even stand seeing? So you avoid. You don’t invite. You whisper about.

Imagine they’re more likely an angel or guide with a special lesson just for you.

Let that pretending open your mind and eyes to see beyond where you are convinced there is truth, fact, behavior, and justification.

Here in this space lies possibility. In this inbetweeness lies the realm of new opportunities for relationship and connection.

Set it (your mind on open). And forget it (previous assumptions). If only for a moment.

Then let the magic begin.