Good Grief

 In Finding Meaning, Happiness, Intention, Mindfulness, Presence

Grief can be devastating.

It’s often unexpected.

It can be incredibly intense.

Yet it is also inescapable.

Since loss is so inevitable, it’s surprising to admit that grief can be good.

Consider what grief might be here to teach you .

To be intentional about how you spend your time (instead of simply going through the motions).

To take time to appreciate what you are accomplishing (instead of barely even noticing).

To actually look into the eyes of the person with you (instead of wondering where you have to rush to next).

To spend your time doing what is truly important to you (not wasting so much time on stupid pettiness).

What’s the best way to live more fully?

Envision what success really means for you.

Go ahead and write the story of your own happily ever after.

Oh, actually, you do have the time.

Take it.

Write a bigger, bolder, more powerful story.

And when you are in the thick of grief, yes, there surely will be sadness. But your sadness may just be conspicuously absent of regrets.

And ultimately, my friend, you take grief’s gifts seriously enough to experience the satisfaction of living life to the fullest.