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Feel the earth rumbling beneath your feet.

You know it can never stay the same. But still, you pray for safety, stillness and all that matters deeply.

Then the green matter begins poking through the soil. The flowers of the red maples emerge. The microbes begin their diligent and relentless work and the result is the sweet smell of warm soil.

Growth is inevitable. Sometimes intolerable. Often terrifying. Likely unstable. Never controllable (seriously, nothing ever is).

What now then? As you wait for spring’s explosion of glory?

This is the time to prepare for it, allow for it, and manage it well.

What would bring the lushest growth for your work?

Think about it this way. What if you:

  • Put people in the places they most want to be.
  • Allow them to use the strengths they long to deepen.
  • And then dare them to take risks and fail.

It creates the perfect incubator for new ideas to develop and thrive. Try it.

Grow, baby, grow.