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Humility comes from someone who is open to not knowing. Being open to others’ wisdom and knowledge. Even willing to be wrong. Imagine that kind of strength!

You long for it in leaders.

Yet, you hesitate to embrace it in yourself.


You believe (wrongly) that humility just isn’t strong enough, bold enough or powerful enough. It’s almost like humility is missing something.

But for God’s sake, you don’t want a pretentious, egotistical person jolting you here or there.

Why would you? Who would?

Exactly. No one wants it.

You long for leaders who inspire without self-importance. Leaders who model the way, showing you your path with grace and with a spirit of service.

You’re way more comfortable with this approach.

Please, please, please, be the down to earth leader who leads through your words being in step with your actions.

Achieving what you say you’ll achieve, when you say you’ll achieve it.

Recovering and cleaning up honestly when you know you need to.

Most of all, being who you really are. Speaking with your unique voice.

That’s where we make the greatest connections.