In Team Performance

Are you ready to inspire all you possibly can in your own unique way?

When you possess two important qualities, you generate something far more mightily.

Think about your power as being potent, compelling, and inspiring.

Then add your humility. Your humility enhances your power, it doesn’t diminish it. If you’re one of the rare ones, you can even spawn an atmosphere of trust.

When you balance your power with your humility, you get the incredibly positive power of influence.

In our immediate attention required world, power is not just important, it’s a must have.

So how do you dare stand in your power more often?

Ring the bell of your full potential.

Influence all you possibly can.

Speak when you have something important to say.

Stay as humble as you always have been (you have no use for puffing up or bluster anyway).

Stand up for this positive power.

Then show us all what we must do, too.

And we all win.