In Team Performance

You know you must be more tuned toward what could be.

You want to imagine what new influences could offer.

You seek to realize what fresh ideas and brand new eyes could reveal.

You get that the risk of not discovering and creating is far greater.

But your well-intended desires to do more keep getting sidetracked because you find yourself with barely no time to lift your eyes from what must be done.

It feels like your leadership is running on automatic. At times, you are mindlessly driving to the same destination without much thought. That frame of mind keeps you true to exactly the same path while others pass you by.

It is time to awaken to become a consistent forward thinker. Be more conscious about the long game and bring it to the forefront more often.

Step up and scan your environment and circumstances in totally different ways.

Look with a focused vision from as many angles as you can.

Go to great heights and sweep your gaze over the entire arena.

All without expecting, assuming, or inadvertently yielding to how it’s always been done.

Be open. Invite in new ideas. Ask the daring questions.

Keep a deliberate mindset. Inspire others to examine, question, create options, and imagine outcomes.

Weigh the risks of it all. Create the advancements only you can lead.

And steadily transform what is to what only you can imagine.