In Team Performance

Not so long ago, life was an inspiration.

A conversation, a bird’s song, a child’s delightful laugh

Each was a teacher for our souls.

Then the world suddenly stopped

And we lost that joy.

Many of us went inside

And reluctantly got used to our new ways.

We kept going, not knowing

Just how long it might last (and last and last and last).

We felt trapped, lonely, sad and grateful

All at the same time, on occasion

Hitting a metaphorical wall or two (or three or four)

Bouncing back after a while (on the good days)

Retreating and becoming dark (on the not so good).

Outside, life continued, even flourished

The animals once hidden, came out in that new quiet

Mountains were visible again from afar.

Birdsong was amplified.

We were still more, we walked more, we had time to notice.

Ah, now I see it.

Pandemic, you are our soul teacher, too.

You taught us resilience, faith, appreciation, mourning and more.

Like the moon’s slivers of silver light

You keep showing us glimmers of hope in the darkness.

Winter is thawing.

Spring is on its way (I see the red buds on you, trees).

Now, may we each discover renewed inspiration from all our soul teachers.