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A few years ago, I was rushing around my house like a maniac trying to get out the door to a meeting. I was frustrated and weary of having to trudge up my front walk over and over again carting items to my car.

For whatever reason, on the fourth trip back up my well-worn path, I looked up suddenly and actually saw my house. What it looked like, sure. But more importantly, I had a striking awareness of all that had transpired in the 15 years my family had lived there, and I became overwhelmed with how blessed we truly are.

That experience is forever marked in my mind and my heart. To this day, I joyfully pack up my car and truly see my house. In fact, there is no other way for me now. Because of that one wakeful moment, I see things very differently.

I share this story with you because the start of 2019 is the perfect time to become mindful about what you see. As author Byron Katie beautifully reminds us, “The world you see is a reflection of how you see it.”

I know, typically you (and all the rest of us) are way better at noticing what seems terribly hard, what’s wrong, what needs to be fixed and what is inefficient. But let’s change our way of seeing.

Try This Experiment
To get a better sense of what I’m talking about, have some fun over the next few days and see what you discover.

Start looking for yellow cars. Amazingly, all of a sudden, yellow cars are absolutely everywhere. Or start paying closer attention to the time. You become attuned to always noticing when it’s 11:11 just like clockwork. The cars and the digits have always been there. You simply didn’t see them.

Why Does This Happen?
You cannot possibly notice everything or you would go blinking mad from too much stimulus. Your brain helps you selectively sift through your surroundings like you were searching on Amazon for one specific thing.

And long after your product search ends, ads keep popping up saying, “Remember me? Isn’t this what you’re looking for?” That’s exactly what you want when you observe your environment, too. If you keep looking for what is good, more good will show up to remind you of all you have to be grateful for.

What do you naturally notice most? You notice when something’s new. You’re on the lookout for anything different or unusual. And you have an uncanny talent for detecting danger.

This wonderful process works really well. It allows you to effectively and peacefully function in situations where there’s a lot going on around you. It keeps you safer, too.

But if you aren’t aware of its power, you stop noticing what is first-rate, joyful, and extraordinary—and miss out on way too much good in our world. That’s why it is so important to catch people doing something right. Because the more you do it, the more you’ll see it. It’s this kind of intentional practice that can enhance your leadership presence and embolden others along the way.

Here’s My Wish for You
Begin your year ahead carefully noticing what is all around you. When you make 2019 the year you take a stand for what’s right in your world, you create a culture that people will love. And you’ll enjoy this New Year like no other.

You could even talk about it. And let people know you appreciate what you see.
What if you went all out and reveal just how much it means to you?

Embrace your new start. See what’s actually in front of you, not what you expect to see. Start seeing from a fresh perspective. And slow down to see even more deeply.

Have a wondrous and positive 2019.