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Ahhhh, joy, my elusive friend.

You mean the world to me.

You run, you jump, you leap for the outermost reaches of a life entirely lived. Taking me by the hand, you playfully pull me along to explore the light.

And then poof—you’re gone. Where the heck did you go?

Left alone with the other ridiculous voices in my head, I’m miserable and afraid. I hole up wondering why I even bother. And I ask myself indifferently, what is the point?

Until inexplicably, there you are again. Prancing lightheartedly back into my awareness. Cheering me on to consider this or that. Ideas I’ve thought about many times before, of course.

You reappear so nonchalantly, it feels almost as if you never actually left.

So were you gone at all? Or is it me who loses sight of you?

What could my life be like with a more constant stream of your presence?

Now, I truly see.