In Team Performance

You watch.

You notice.

You wonder.

And most of all, you measure yourself against some sort of almighty, invisible measuring stick that tells you how much better or worse you are than someone else.

This usually comes in different forms of being luckier, better, bigger, smaller, stronger, smarter, handsomer, wealthier, older, younger, darker, and lighter. Basically you are noticing how similar or different you are than the other.

That’s your constant companion the ego, isn’t it?

Still, the constant measuring is relentless and draining, especially when you feel less than.

And you are sure not your brightest when you perceive yourself to be better than.

Harder, yet far kinder, is to be present to the other, and acknowledge that you are actually the same in more ways than you are not.

Just how will you be your best self then?

Curiously wonder what might be up with the other, with love. Maybe ask, even.

Be aware your judgement does not define them. It impacts you. It’s limiting the goodness that you see.

It all comes down to setting yourself free with this one simple act.

Practice measuring less and appreciating more.