Say What’s on Your Mind for More Positive Relationships

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Think of difficult, challenging or important issues you’ve been meaning to address. Why are you holding back when you know you need to have these conversations?

You may have convinced yourself that it serves your safety, provides some comfort or even preserves the relationship. You tell yourself there’s no need to rush.

Consider a more courageous approach.

Move toward the tension with purpose.

I’m not saying this is easy. Starting powerful conversations can be risky business.

But what if you thought about your conversations differently?

Instead of whether you should let someone know just how wrong they are. Begin your process by deciding the outcome you actually want (like more effectiveness, less conflict, more professionalism).

Then illustrate that outcome with your actions, your attitude, and your guidance. Be a model for just how to be.

Magically you’re demonstrating what you want to see.

This should be fairly straightforward since you know the behavior you prefer. And you’ll be more aligned with the integrity of your own leadership.

You now offer speaking about any tension as a gift. Not as a criticism. Not as a battle. But as an encouraging way to move forward to what you both want together.

You know the conversation you need to have. Go inside. Determine what you are aiming for. That truth will powerfully navigate you through the waters of tension and turbulence to safely land on shore.

You’re ready to make this shift. Start transforming your conversations to intentionally influence the culture and create the life you actually want.