Achieve Your Extraordinary Presence for the Good

 In Team Performance

These past few months have been difficult and quite shocking. There’s a lot of fear, anger, uncertainty, and inequity permeating our world right now.

For me, there are days I feel like I’m constantly trudging uphill in an endless effort just to stay even and calm.

While I am just one person, it is clear that most everyone, everywhere is feeling pretty much the same thing. There’s a collective anxiety among us. The world’s in pain.

This is a year that is asking much of us with the hardship of a pandemic, social injustice, tragic riots, and an incredibly important election. No question, these are extraordinary times.

In this crisis, it’s even more important to seize this opportunity to learn how to become better people and better leaders. Now, more than ever, each of us is an influential stand for truth-telling and integrity for all the people around us.

This Very Moment is the Perfect Teacher
Be fully present. Listen. Be there with words or not. Hold space for others with your attentiveness and even your silence. Pay attention to how you show up, the energy you radiate, the sound of your voice, the posture you hold, and the expression on your face.

Your presence is revealed each and every day in countless ways so it is vital to be intentional and act with courage every moment you can.

Take a Glimpse Back from the Future
What if, God willing, someday we get to look back on 2020? Fast forward for inspiration. Will you be able to muse about the important moments and say, “I showed up. I did my best. I’m proud of who I was and what I stood for”?

What does that require of you now?

The world genuinely needs your compassion, your generosity, and most of all, your grace-full-ness. Give it wholeheartedly.

Be ready to harness the power of your will, your intention, and your solidity. Some text alert, some breaking news, someone’s quiet tears, will confront you without a moment’s notice. You simply must show up with your whole being — what I call your extraordinary presence – to respond.

In order to have this presence when you need it, you first have to look after yourself. I encourage you to commit to a basic practice of self-care.

Choose Daily Mind, Body and Spirit Activities
Through mindfulness, you’re able to see clearly what’s going on with your thoughts and emotions. And, you’re also to see how you can open and relax. Amp up the mindfulness practice that works best for you.

Energize yourself by getting focused on a physical activity you love. Double down on it to feel refreshed and recharged.

Explore you inner landscape. Let your soul’s purpose guide you to do what’s right and to always be that inspiration for your people.

What the world needs now is all the courage and grace you can bring forth. The more you can stand up to everything this world is experiencing with openness, the more you can make the important difference that only YOU are here to make.