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You probably spend a great deal of time and resources learning new skills.

Gaining new knowledge.

Understanding a new technology, platform or some sort of code.

But learning has another far more important dimension.

How to actually do what you say you want.

Going beyond “I think I might” to “I will.”

You have the knowledge. The hacks. The training.

You’re smart. You know more expertise isn’t it alone.

But what holds you and every one of us back is fear.

Some act with courage in the face of fear.

Some live without ever stepping into that unknown.

If you’re like me, you want to live a life fully lived.

Looking over the edge, daring to heave yourself beyond the firm ground you
stand on, despite the pull of gravity keeping you planted.

Taking that leap you know for sure you’re meant to take.


Of course.

Worth it?

Yes, oh yes.

You know what you want.