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Your life can be described in various chunks like:

What you’ve experienced.

What you’ve learned.

What positions you’ve held.

What status you’ve earned.

What things you own.

Where you’ve travelled.

What fun you’ve had.

What experiences you’ve shared on social media.

Bring all these differing parts together and you have a pretty interesting snapshot of your life.

But is this how you want your life to be personified after you’re gone?

No. Forget this list. Focus on how you truly want to live and how you want to be remembered.

Your legacy is important.

It is how you made people feel.

What you cared about most.

Who you loved.

The difference you made in others’ lives.

Whether you think about your legacy or you don’t, it all adds up.

Little by little, piece by piece, you’re crafting it anyway.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by thinking about it now.

What will your legacy be?