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I cannot fully comprehend the intricacies of light from the perspective of physics, yet I appreciate its profound impact on all living forms.

Light enables us to see. Consider the various forms like the sun at dawn, the flame of a candle, or a grand vision that shows us the way.

Light also illuminates the darkness. It becomes so very striking, especially when it contrasts the dark of hate, suffering or judgmental gossip.

Light provides the energy to support life through the miracle of photosynthesis. What kind of wavelengths can we each produce to help each other develop and grow?

How about a person who lights up the room? A life force we can detect but can’t actually see. A superstar. A stellar performance. A beautiful soul.

What do you help visualize?

What do you shed light on?

How do you walk into a room?

What will you bring to light in this life in the time you have?

This is your perfect moment to shape your path with an abundance of light.