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How often are you genuinely quiet?

Honoring the absence of noise.

Appreciating the canyon of space possible between your ubiquitous chatter.

How often do you really listen?

Not just for what is said, but for what isn’t dared to be spoken.

It’s uncomfortable to be quiet at first.

When someone doesn’t get to the point.

When they aren’t more efficient transmitting facts you need to know.

When it’s about them, not the product. You know, like can’t they just bottom line the thing?

Oh, wait, they are wanting something else, aren’t they?

They want your attention. Your wisdom. Your heart.

Now you can actually tune in. You are listening to them.

Not the voice in your head (who is not you).

The silence of listening is a powerful catalyst for performance.

Be more still.

Listen more for others’ silent thoughts.

Because we all hunger to be heard.