How to Feel More Grounded in Confusing Times

 In Team Performance

If the news and state of global apprehension is turning your life upside down, you’re definitely not alone.

The most dangerous epidemic in the world right now is a heightened sense of fear. In trying to stay safe, fear doesn’t just consume our minds, it also grips our very hearts.

When something dangerous is lurking around, we automatically try to get safe—and fast!  We’re wired this way.

Still, we don’t get to choose how things unfold. Sadly, having control is only an illusion.

Life seems to keep sending us an avalanche of challenges. One after another, there are so many things impacting daily life from extreme climate change, disruptions to democracy, skyrocketing medical costs, to drops in the stock market, shaky oil prices— and a new, very contagious virus.

What are we to do when faced with so many unknowns? We generally respond with a few extremes.

Deny, Deny, Deny.
This will never happen to me anyway. We’re making too big of a deal. It’s all a big nothing burger anyway. Stop all the drama. You get the idea.

This Is So Dangerous.
We might go the other way and do some catastrophizing. You know, like when that voice in your head goes way off the rails screaming, “What do I do now!?”

On top of it all, we hardly know what to believe with deep political divides, fake news, doctored videos, and bots posing as real people.

Truth is, life is, and always has been, full of surprises. We have to look within ourselves to become masters of equanimity—it’s even more important in the trying days that may lie ahead.

Sound too difficult to embrace? There’s actually a lot you can do.

Six Ways to Navigate These Times
Here are a few ideas on how to cope more purposefully:

  1. Prepare the best you can
  2. Stay fully informed on a diversity of issues
  3. Deepen your mindfulness practice
  4. Pay extra attention to your thoughts, emotions, and spirit
  5. Trust your instincts
  6. Let go (my all-time favorite)

Pick a few actions that work best for you. Be sure to take good care of yourself and others. And, give yourself more grace.

Most important, remember to stock up on peace, patience, and courage. These are the key ingredients that will carry you through anything— especially fear.