High Performance Begins with You

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Guess what? As a leader, it is our responsibility to hold people not only accountable for great results but also the way they go about achieving them.

I know what you’re thinking and saying to yourself, “That’s pretty obvious, Maria.”

And, you’re right. It is super simple, but it is not at all easy to do.

That’s because many of us have a complex combination of beliefs that keep us from naturally holding people accountable in a positive, productive way. We’re constantly trying to decide what to say when to whom — and stressing about it all pretty much nonstop.

The truth is, just because it doesn’t come naturally, doesn’t mean we can’t do it with more grace.

Get Started By Avoiding This Kind Of Thinking

  • If I were a better leader, people would hold themselves accountable.
  • I rarely speak up because I want people to like me.
  • I act like everything is ok, even though it really bothers me because I don’t want to discourage people.
  • Things build up. I resent the lack of results, and I often end up blurting out things I regret.
  • It’s not that hard people; just do your job.
  • People should be able to do what I’m asking them to do. Is that too much to ask?

Incorporate These Three Habits to Make A Difference

1. Be the mirror and express what you’re noticing in a nonjudgmental way. Focus only on the facts. That way the team realizes it is transparent to you and them, and staff still can save face.

2. Ask about the team’s plan and what they can commit to. Then make it their responsibility to check in with you. That way they’re far more likely to come through so you’re not wasting time chasing people down or worrying about all the loose ends out there.

3. Express what you’re actually thinking, but in a kind and loving way. It helps everyone know you appreciate them. Remember, you’re encouraging your most valuable resource, your people.

I hear you saying, “That’s all great advice for when you are in a good space. But when you’re so stressed out with way too much on your mind, it won’t work.” I encourage you to stay in good shape to lead. You have to take the time to manage your stress more effectively – and to balance yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In Fact, You Must.

The payoff is valuable as you start to get better results more frequently. Plus you might just sleep better, too.

Is it worth it? The answer is a big, resounding YES.

Rock on to your best leadership.