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Mindset is attitude. And attitude is pretty much everything.

It’s that will within us that makes us dig deeper, see further, persevere longer – and dare to at least aim for the finish line we actually want.

Mindset is what we look for. And funny thing, we usually see exactly what we’re looking for.

Mindset is belief. And we can only see things if we believe they exist. So believe with care.

Mindset is often settled. Yeah, settled is pretty well locked and bolted. It’s basically making sure nothing new slips in.

Still mindset is flexible. Mindset is open. Mindset is supple. It’s like a muscle that benefits from being stretched to stay graceful. So it has the grace to see new things and to notice others’ grace. And, to imagine what a little grace might bring.

Mindset’s power comes when it is as wide open as it can possibly be.

Start flexing your mind more. Create an opening to let in a current of fresh air, new ideas and limitless possibilities. Then watch what effortlessly unfolds.