Create Your Own Spirit of Thanks + Giving

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It’s already November, can you believe it? Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Thanksgiving reminds me to feel happy and grateful. It’s a special time of year I truly enjoy spending with family and friends. But just because the calendar says it’s time to be thankful, I know that doesn’t necessarily make it so.

A month leading up to a big holiday has its way of bringing on a mixed bag of feelings that can be overwhelming for many people. That’s why I’ve been reflecting on how to make November a time to live deeper, more meaningful lives.

I’ve created an easy and yet most profound practice just for you. I call it Happy November. It lets you play around with using the entire month of November to start your own practice that combines elements of thanks + giving. It’s designed to make you feel a whole lot better—and in the process, make a difference, too.

Are you ready to join me this month?

Start Taking These Actions Now:

Reflect. Take time to remember all the people, places and magical synchronicities that came together so beautifully to put you in this precise time and space adventure you find yourself in (yes, include the not so great things too, they often teach you the most).

Be grateful. Count all your blessings. Gratitude literally stirs up the endorphins that make you swell with happiness (yes, and for one blessed moment, enjoy the sweet relief of silencing your inner critic).

Reach out. Actually pick up your phone and call someone who made a difference in your life and thank them (yes, tell them what they meant to you).

Pay it forward. You have so much. Share your gifts. Do something special for someone else. Something small or something large. Someone you know well, or hardly know. Something simple often works best (yes, make a difference for someone else today and let me know how that works out).


  • Reflect
  • Count your blessings
  • Thank the angels in your life
  • Give back over and over again

Commit to making this part of your routine for just 10 minutes each day of the month—when you first wake up, when you’re waiting in traffic, when you would normally stress yourself out worrying about this or that—and see how much better you feel. And, please do share this practice with your colleagues, family and friends. Let’s get way more people tuned into this powerfully amazing practice.

Here’s to your Happy November!

Allow me to use this space as part of my own Happy November practice. I’m reaching out to you, dear readers, to thank you for your continued support and your inspiration to dare me to reach for my highest self. And, at the same time, I hope my messages help you to live your story more intentionally each and every day.