On the 11th Day of YES…

 In Team Performance


This is the New Year so it’s time for a new you. Out with last year’s you and in with the new, refreshed, alive and even more positive you. Is renewing you really legit? Isn’t taking the time to renew you a little selfish? You bet but it’s selfish in the most positive “self” kind of way. Your spirit rejoices when you take the time to restore and revamp. And, rediscovering the “you” that you remember you have always really been. Not just what you do. Not just the bills you have to pay. Not all the work you must complete. Not just the things you think you should do. The kind of renewed you that is refreshed. Be rid of last year’s tired you. Renewing you restores and replenishes the core of you. You walk more. You park even further away. You want to take the stairs. You adore each deep, long breath as it restores you. You are more focused. You begin to open new doors for renewing that you didn’t know existed. You feel like you are flying. There’s a net, but you don’t need it. It’s there to make others more secure. Begin all the great stuff ahead of you in this New Year. You’re going to soar totally renewed.