On the 5th Day of YES…

 In Team Performance


This is the one time of the year you allow yourself to delight in the idea of peace on earth. As you embrace the full family of humanity, you actually consider what connects us (uh, everything!), not what separates us. It’s a brief time to reflect on how all people are blessed in a multitude of ways. And a few short days later, when the holidays are behind you, you toss off peace like yesterday’s news. There’s so much turmoil in the world, right? That’s the constant. So how is it that you can be at peace in the midst of chaos? You intentionally choose peace. And you can intentionally choose peace time and time again. Is the world any better off when you are worried…when you’re concerned…or when you’re paralyzed with fear? Your team is embroiled in controversy. You now choose to guide them to a sound decision, peacefully. Your goals are huge. You don’t fight obstacles. You choose to chip away at what you want as you quietly build momentum one step at a time. Your schedule is hard core. As you move forward at a blistering pace, you choose peace. You make peace a part of daily routines. You let peace sustain you. When you’re at peace, you’re at your very best. And at your best, you make things happen.