On the 1st Day of YES…

 In Team Performance


Today is Christmas, one of the most magical days of the year. It’s the holiday that’s all about the power of believing (whether you believe it or not). What if you could tap into this holiday reserve of belief throughout the entire year? You could discover a childlike sense of wonder every day, not for just a few days in December. What if you always had that incredible kind of unwavering trust in possibility? Maybe then you could take the single leap of faith you really want to take. Deep down inside, you could believe that if you leap, you’ll make it. And if you can’t quite get there, someone will be there to catch you to help you make those few final steps. Get rid of that nagging thought in your mind right now that makes you say: “Nah, that’ll never happen.” Instead, listen really closely so you’ll hear the thought you think when you really believe. You’ll believe in your dreams. The ones you’ve never shared with anyone. You’ll believe you are loved. You’ll believe you have these amazing moments where you make the kind of difference that changes everything. Come on. Give it everything you’ve got. Today is your day to give yourself possibility. Believe it.