On the 4th Day of YES…

 In Team Performance


Okay. Be honest. How is your goodwill holding up during the holidays filled with work, parties, family, friends and too much to do? Are all the obligations of the goodwill of the holidays wearing you out? Have you lost sight of what goodwill during the holidays really means? Goodwill is the beautiful spirit within you to will goodness regardless of what shows up along the way. You don’t blame others because no matter how rude or mean or hurtful or thoughtless someone may be, you ooze goodwill. Goodwill is the undeniable urge to be tremendously kind in difficult moments — or in victory. You help someone else look good. That’s because goodness radiates more goodness. You know the right thing to do. Goodwill is taking the time to do good with a customer, a client, a friend, a lover. Put all ego aside. I promise you goodwill will come back to you many times over. Just wait and see.